The TypeFinder® is a scientifically validated personality test that you can easily start using in your coaching or counseling practice, without the costly set-up fees or difficult certification requirements of traditional tools.

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Help your clients discover the power of personality type

The TypeFinder is a scientifically validated personality type assessment based on the theory of Isabel Briggs Myers, which frames personality in terms of four dimensions and sixteen possible types, like ENFP or ISTJ.

Briggs Myers' system is the most popular framework in the world for understanding individual differences and potential, and many coaches consider personality typing to be indispensable to their work. The TypeFinder allows you and your clients to learn their four-letter type code according to Briggs Myers' theory, so they can understand themselves in the context of this widely used and well-understood system.

No lengthy certification requirements or costly set-up fees

The TypeFinder is incredibly quick and totally painless to set up. Really!

In contrast with other type assessments, you don't need a special certification to administer the TypeFinder. Our online platform does the scoring for you, and the reports are written in plain, jargon-free language. This eliminates the need for you to have special training to administer and interpret the assessment, freeing you up to focus on what you really care about—helping your clients to achieve their goals.

You can purchase the TypeFinder quickly and easily online. There are no set-up or initiation fees—just buy as many or as few tests as you need. Once you've completed the simple 3-step checkout process, you have immediate access to the testing platform to get started right away.

User-friendly online platform manages the testing process for you

The TypeFinder is administered completely online, so there's no software to download. Once you've purchased the TypeFinder, you get instant access to the testing platform. Here, you can email test invitations to your clients, check their progress, and see their results when they're done.

Your clients complete their assessment from any web browser, whenever it is convenient for them. Their assessments are scored instantly and they see their results right away. You can choose to be notified when they finish the assessment, then just log in to your account to view their results.

Jargon-free report lets you focus on the information that matters

The TypeFinder reports are written to be easy to understand and highly usable. We leave out the jargon and instead, explain all the information you need to know about personality type in clear, practical language. 

Your clients will discover their unique style in processing information, managing energy, prioritizing values, and organizing their lives. They'll discover their work style, their ideal roles, their strengths and challenges, and top strategies for development. They'll learn how they communicate and come off to others, and what they can do to make the most of their natural talents.

Set up now and be ready to test in minutes!

To get started, simply decide how many tests you'd like to purchase. Click the button below to go to the secure order form where you can purchase as few or as many tests as you need. Checkout takes less than two minutes, and you get instant access to the testing platform when you're done—so you can get started testing your clients right away.

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Need More Info?

You might have more questions: about validity, costs, or how the assessment works. We have answers!

  • How do I know it's accurate? View this article about the development and validity of the TypeFinder.
  • What are the costs? From $9-29 per test, depending on your volume. Get an exact quote here.
  • Can I read more about the theory of the test? The TypeFinder is based primarily on Isabel Briggs Myers' system of 16 personality types. This article explains our theoretical model in more detail.
  • Can I see a sample report? Of course! Here's a sample report.
  • I have more questions! No problem. Just contact us and we'll be happy to help.