The TypeFinder® is the revolutionary new personality type assessment that's convenient and easy to use.

  • Extensively researched and validated, so you can rely on accurate results.
  • Affordably priced, starting at just $9 per test.
  • Straightforward and jargon-free, so you don't need special training to get started.
  • Delivered online through a user-friendly system, so you can spend less time getting organized and more time helping your clients.

It's easy to use The TypeFinder assessment with your clients or employees

If you're a coach, counselor, or corporate trainer, it's easy to get started using the TypeFinder. You can be up and running in about ten minutes with three easy steps.

  1. Choose how to purchase. You can buy TypeFinder tests on a subscription basis or as needed.
  2. Create your account. Your free Pro account allows you to invite your clients to take the test and see their results when they're done.
  3. Start testing! Your user-friendly client manager keeps track of your clients throughout the assessment process.


Q. Do I need training or qualification to administer the TypeFinder?

A. There is no special training required to use the TypeFinder with your clients or employees. The tool is designed to be easy to use and self-explanatory, even to laypeople. The questions and report are written in plain language. You do not need to "interpret" the TypeFinder as you would with other instruments; you and your clients can simply read it together and focus on putting the information to use. 

Q. What is the cost?

A. There are no sign-up or training fees to get started with the TypeFinder. You pay only for what you use.

TypeFinder tests cost between $9-29 each, depending on how many you would like to buy at a time. You can sign up for a monthly subscription which adds tests to your account automatically, or you can make a one-time purchase in any quantity you like.

Q. What's the theoretical basis for the TypeFinder? 

A. The TypeFinder is based on the 16-type system created by Isabel Briggs Myers. However, the way we explain things is slightly different. This is because we've also consulted modern research in the field of personality psychology (specifically, the Five Factor model) to update Myers' system for the 21st century. You can read more here.

Q. Is it similar to the MBTI®?

A. In some ways. The TypeFinder presents results in terms of a four-letter type (like ENTJ or INFP), just as with the MBTI® instrument (a registered trademark of the Myers & Briggs Foundation, Inc.).

However, the TypeFinder is structured differently. The questions are more complex and allow respondents to more easily express nuances in thoughts and behavior. The test also adapts with the test taker, so they answer fewer questions in areas where their style is obvious, and more questions where their style is less clear.

Q. How do I know it's accurate?

A. The TypeFinder was developed over two years with over 50,000 test subjects. Using data provided to us by our volunteers, we analyzed a body of several hundred questions to determine which were most effective in revealing personality type.

Our initial research indicates that the TypeFinder is more accurate than the MBTI® assessment. For more information, you can consult this report on the TypeFinder's validity.

Q. Can I see a sample report?

A. Of course! Here is a sample TypeFinder report.

Q. I'd like to try it before I commit. Can I do that?

A. Absolutely. Simply contact us and we'll arrange for you to try out the TypeFinder.

Q. I need a personality test to use on job candidates. Is the TypeFinder appropriate for the hiring process?

A. No, the TypeFinder is not accurate or valid when used during the hiring process. The TypeFinder is an interactive, self-report instrument that relies on the participant being honest, candid, and genuinely interested in an accurate result. Job applicants are typically trying to put their "best face forward" which renders the TypeFinder invalid for this purpose.

For this reason, we cannot recommend or support the use of the TypeFinder in evaluating job candidates.

Q. I'm ready to start. How do I do that?

A. Easy! Just click the button below to see purchasing options.

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