TypeFinder is the user-friendly, affordable personality assessment solution

Based on Briggs Myers' 16 types

The TypeFinder is based on the 16-type framework proven to improve communication and understanding in companies large and small.

Scientifically validated

Professionally developed and validated, the TypeFinder gives you accurate results that you can rely on.

User friendly online testing platform

The TypeFinder is administered online, through our user-friendly website. Easily purchase tests, send them to clients, and view results online.

Affordable for small and large groups

TypeFinder tests start at $29 per person, with discounted pricing down to $9/test for large groups.

No training or certification required

Unlike other tools, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars in training fees to start using the TypeFinder. Jargon-free reports let you dive right in.

Set up in minutes

When you're ready to start testing, you can purchase tests online and get instant access to your testing platform.



How can the TypeFinder help you?

For Teams

Give your team a professional-quality personality type assessment that will help everyone understand their gifts.

TypeFinder for Teams

For Coaches

It's easy to start offering high quality personality assessment as part of your coaching practice.

TypeFinder for Coaches

For Individuals

Curious to know more about your own personality? You can take the TypeFinder online in just a few minutes.

TypeFinder for Individuals