16 Personality Type Test

The TypeFinder Personality Test


The TypeFinder is a revolutionary new tool to reveal your personality type. Based on the original 16 types created by Isabel Briggs Myers, the TypeFinder uses adaptive technology to unlock your true type in the most convenient, efficient way available today.

Learn your four-letter type, such as ENFP or ISTJ, and find out what it means for you in life and work.

Plus, discover your personal strengths so that you can plan a life that sets you up for success. You'll get the crucial info you need to make the most of your potential and be the best you that you can be.

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From each pair, choose the phrase that describes you best.

Section I

24 Questions

Section II

12-36 Questions

Section III

0-20 Questions

Section IV

0-22 Questions

What People Are Saying

"You really got my personality right on. It helped me to evaluate my own psyche and figure out what I need to be doing with my time and energy. "

- Caleb from Wisconsin

"I loved receiving reassurance on my potential pitfalls. These are things I have acknowledged I have difficulty with and this helped me to know I am focusing on the right things to work on! "

- Ashley from Ohio

"The first career suggested for my type was, in fact, my current career (nurse)! Felt like a pat on the back. "

- Anonymous from Anywhere, USA

"It's more validating than anything. It empowers me to embrace who I am and go for it! "

- Cindy, North Carolina

"The conclusion was much more accurate than others I've taken. It even gave me insight into my own self. "

- Darby from South Carolina