Six Ways Introverts Can Thrive in a Co-Working Environment

Ah, the open plan office. It's to the 21st century what the cubicle farm was to the 1980s - everywhere. Today's employers are tearing down walls as a business imperative and with them, the barriers to communication and idea flow. Even freelancers are leaving their solitary kitchens and coffee shops. Formal co-working spaces, which offer pay-per-desk access to a community of like-minded individuals, are a mega-trend among the self-employed.

How to Salvage a Wrecked Reputation at Work

Everyone fails from time to time. Even the most accomplished leader is capable of dropping the ball and letting people down. While tough for anyone to deal with, mistakes are a fact of life. Handled properly, they can present a great opportunity to learn, improve and sustain your career advancement.

Sometimes, however, a single mistake can wreck a person's reputation. This usually happens when the mistake-maker doesn't handle the situation well and becomes embroiled in a scandal. Then the rumor mill starts working overtime, spreading the damage like a virus.

Help Your Feeling Teammates Survive Workplace Conflict

Does your teammate do everything in their power to avoid workplace conflict? Do they shy away from hostility and work hard to maintain positive, friendly relations? Would they never start a fight, not even if their career depended on it? If these traits sound familiar, you probably have a Feeling teammate.

How to Make NFs Feel Loved in the Workplace

Intuitive Feelers (NFs) are perceptive and highly idealistic people who wish to contribute meaning to the lives of others. They are effective at doing this through their sensitive, expressive and nurturing nature.

Four Ways for Sensors to Unlock their Creativity

There's a myth that some people are creative and others aren't. This myth is perpetuated everywhere, from the world of art and literature to big business. Marketing departments employ "creatives" to come up with new ideas. Governments rely on "creative consultants" for fresh insights. Yet there's no reason why creativity should be limited to a type or a job description.

From the Prima Donna to the Busybody: The Zero-Drama Way to Manage Tricky Employees

Ranting, whining, gossiping, nitpicking, brown-nosing, backstabbing and crocodile tears - badly behaved colleagues can transform an otherwise productive work environment into a shameless scene from The Office. Only it isn't funny when you're caught up in the middle of it. It's exhausting.

If your office feels more like the set of Mean Girls than a professional work environment, it's time to take action. Here are four easy ways to stop the drama and promote peace within your team.

Get Out of Your Own Way! How your Business Processes May Be Stifling your Workers’ Productivity

Processes are supposed to help companies standardize tasks, work efficiently and become more productive - but for most organizations, they are simply not working.

The 5 Styles of Handling Conflict in the Workplace (And Which Ones Actually Work)

You’ve probably heard that conflict is an unavoidable part of life, and it is.

People are different and want different things at different times. As such, our desires and viewpoints are guaranteed to clash with those of our fellow earthlings from time to time.

Conflict in the workplace is even more of a sure bet, perhaps because work is inherently competitive, and many of us derive a good bit of our sense of self from work.

How to Manage the Office Maverick

Office mavericks are easy to spot. They are passionate about their work, imaginative, creative, and willfully independent. They are the type of co-worker who questions everything. They stand up for what they believe in and will happily break all the rules.