Understand Personality Types in the Workplace

From ENFP to ISTJ, discover how each personality type becomes motivated, approaches their work, cooperates with a team, and leads others. View type profiles for each of the 16 types, with a focus on workplace dynamics.

Download Training Materials

We offer a variety of free, downloadable resources for coaches, counselors, and trainers looking to enhance their work with personality type. These materials are suitable for use during team-building sessions, development workshops, or one-to-one coaching. For the most comprehensive training, use along with the TypeFinder assessment.

Personality Type Workshop Kit

This free, comprehensive kit provides you with all the materials you need to run a successful workshop or seminar on personality type.

Free slideshow for personality type workshopThe Personality Type in the Workplace slideshow provides a visual aid to help you present the important concepts of personality type to your team, including:

  • Explanation of the four dimensions of personality
  • How personality styles manifest in the workplace
  • Benefits to learning about personality styles at work

Download the Slideshow


Free presentation guide for personality type workshopThe Personality Type in the Workplace Presentation Guide includes:

  •  A study guide to help you learn all the important concepts of personality type, including an explanation of the four dimensions of type, a guide to observing type in the workplace, and an overview of common team-building and development goals
  • A suggested script for your workshop (corresponds to the accompanying slideshow)
  • An activity guide with suggested activities to illustrate each of the four dimensions of type and engage participants in applying concepts of type development

Download the Presentation Guide


Plus, check out this 5-step checklist to make sure you're ready for your workshop. 

PDF Handouts

These one-page snapshots cover all the basics for each personality type. Ideal for handing out during a training session to help your group members quickly recall the essentials of their type.

Download individual handouts below or click here to download a ZIP file of all 16 profiles.